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What is a quilt? What does it mean? Why are millions of men and women (over 21 million in the United States alone!) making quilts?

quilt (kwĭlt)


textile made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together
v 1 : stitch or sew together; of textiles
v 2 : create by stitching together

The definition is simple, but the reality is so much more. Quilts are made for the bed, as art to hang on the wall, as home decor, and even as garments. We make them to tell our stories, to illustrate our past, present and hopes for the future, to express our political opinions. We make quilts to share our joy and our sorrows, to comfort both our loved ones and strangers impacted by disaster.

Quilters are an international community. We work alone in our studios, or we gather in quilting bees, classes and quilt shows and conferences. We spend hours shopping for our fabrics, and poring over quilt magazines, books and patterns. Together we are celebrating quilts and quiltmaking, honoring our past traditions, and creating future traditions!

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